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Steve Aposhian

Steve has been involved in the turf industry since he could walk. He grew up working in his family turf and landscaping business, spending a good deal of his time repairing harvesters and other turf equipment. Steve earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah. He has been interested in automation from a young age and developed many skills when he worked at Honda R&D Americas in design and durability testing. He led the first place team in Honda R&D Americas quality improvement competition, which he presented to Honda’s board of directors at its world convention in Japan. Following his passion for testing and automation, Steve went to work for National Instruments in Austin, Texas. Here he was involved in teaching and implementing LabVIEW software for machine automation and testing. He was also the Field Sales Engineer for Utah, Southern Idaho and Montana. Steve went on to develop testing software and hardware for hydraulic test systems and gained experience in transmission design. Steve co-authored “Extending the Life of Aging Hydraulic Test Equipment” for the National Defense Industrial Association. Steve is a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD), as well as a certified Greenbelt and Lean 6 Sigma engineer. He loves to fly fish and cook for his family and friends.


作为电力系统专家,将为萤火虫带来丰富的机械设计经验。威尔致力于医学应用,他为犹他大学建造了癌症治疗研究设备,设计了X射线成像设备,并开发了DNA测序仪器。他还开发了旋转翼飞机,并为一家铝制造商创建了一个研发部门,以开发商业产品和工业流程。威尔是机械工程咨询公司Crossroads Product Development的所有者和总工程师,任职7年。在manbetx赢钱为么到账快十字路口,威尔负责监督和开发各种汽车动力传动系零件和系统,为售后市场和研究公司服务。此外,他还建立了自动化测试设备,航空航天复合材料加工设备,农业收获零件和系统。在农业领域,威尔完成了草坪采伐刀盘和输送系统的设计合同工作。在获得犹他大学机械工程学士学位之前,威尔曾任犹他大学SAE方程式设计竞赛队队长。他在“沙漠风暴”行动中担任海军陆战队的坦克指挥官。。


Dan was the operations manager for Aposhian Turf Farms for 13 years. Dan has served as the president and secretary of the Intermountain Turf Producers, a chapter of Turf Producers International. Dan understands lean principles as they apply to production processes used in turf farming and has a deep understanding of all aspects of the turf production process. Dan also has extensive experience operating automated turf harvesting machines and provides critical insight to our design team on product design from the perspective of an operator. He attended the University of Utah, where he studied Spanish and Business Administration. Dan carries his passion for speed from the field to the track, where he is a pro motocross racer.


安德鲁举办了一个学士学位和金融MBA。安德鲁担任富力能源的首席财务官,负责战略财务和业务规划,业务扩张和财务报告。他拥有20多年的经验,提供战略和财务咨询,并建立了众多成功的企业,既有私立和公众建立。安德鲁出现在彭博商业新闻和福克斯业务的国家电视上。他还曾在Forbes Business Online Magazine中成为一个作者,并在许多商业期刊或报纸中引用了许多文章,作为财务观点专家。2012年,他在犹他州商业杂志获得了犹他州犹他州的CFO奖。安德鲁曾在董事会董事会董事会,为青年的物质恢复和健身和体育和犹他州商会和犹他州商会以及法案和比尔·戈尔商会威斯敏斯特学院。森伯先生有5个孩子,是3个男孩的爸爸。他和他的妻子Trina享受着高尔夫,健身,阅读关于投资或生物学,在犹他州的牧场上玩所有运动,旅行和在犹他州的牧场上工作时,当他们不享受前草坪上的寿司或强烈的家庭足球比赛时。


埃里克在机械设计和制造技术方面有很强的背景,包括机械加工、焊接、制造和复合材料。他是伺服系统的专家。埃里克曾在Autonomous Solutions工作,专注于各种自动驾驶汽车的自动化。他领导了小型军事和执法高机动性机器人的全系统设计。他还曾在犹他大学先进制造实验室担任数控机械师。在犹他大学就读期间,埃里克是FormulaSAE和BajaSAE校际比赛队的成员。埃里克获得犹他大学机械工程学士学位。埃里克还在爱达荷州陆军国民警卫队服役十年。他获得了陆军成就勋章,并获得了年度炮兵奖。埃里克是个热衷户外运动的人,喜欢穿雪鞋。


Sam has extensive experience in design for manufacturing, control systems and robotics. Sam has been a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. He taught design and advised many students on their senior design projects. Sam was responsible for the operation of the Advanced Manufacturing Lab at the University of Utah for 22 years. He was involved in research projects for advanced CNC manufacturing, rapid CNC manufacturing and automated machining of CAD sketches. Before his appointments at the University of Utah, Sam worked as a Physicist at Sanders Associates; as member of the research staff and Program Manager at Charles Stark Draper Laboratory; as President of Astek Engineering; as President and General Manager of Kinematics; and as a principal mechanical engineer at Sarcos/Raytheon, a design and research engineering company. Sam has worked on projects such as the lunar module simulator, automated assembly of an automobile alternator, and robot loading and unloading of machine tools. Sam has served as the advisor for the BajaSAE and FormulaSAE intercollegiate competition teams at the University of Utah since 1986. He has received the following degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: a SB in Physics; a SM in Mechanical Engineering; a Mech Eng in Mechanical Engineering; and a ScD in Mechanical Engineering. Sam is the co-inventor of several patents. Although he has never been to the moon, Sam does build and fly lite aircraft.


Matt grew up working in his family’s turf business. He has been the president of Aposhian Turf Farms since 2005, and as a result is critical to understanding the needs of our customers. Matt has evaluated and purchased automated turf harvesting machines through his role as President of Aposhian Sod Farms, and is intimately familiar with the cost/benefit analysis of purchasing automated harvesting machines. Matt has 20 years’ experience in managing teams of employees, implementing processes and training systems. He has extensive financial management experience. He has a proven track record of managing companies to execute company objectives. He oversaw the growth of Aposhian companies with a 33% compounded average growth rate over 8 years. Additionally, Matt has served as the President of the Intermountain Turf Producers, a chapter of Turf Producers International. Matt received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from the University of Utah in 2000 and a Masters of Business Administration from Brigham Young University. He loves to snowmobile in Utah’s beautiful mountains.

Dave Collier
大卫·科利尔|Director of Sales

大卫于2015年8月加入Firefly,带来了超过23年的销售管理背景。David已开始向海洋和摩托车行业引入完整的经销商管理软件和硬件解决方案。他早早了解到,销售合同的签约只是客户关系的开始。在他的职业生涯中,大卫坚持认为,他已经建立的销售组织并成为使客户服务的一部分以及客户关系的首要任务。在过去的几年里,大卫负责国家销售和服务团队为石油和天然气行业提供计算机解决方案。他帮助公司将每月收入从250,000美元增加到超过4,000,000美元/月。非凡增长和成功的关键正在建立一个提供无与伦比的客户关怀和经验的团队。大卫在肯塔基州里士满的小镇长大,他和他的妻子康妮有三个美妙的孩子。大卫享受划船,徒步旅行,凸起和滑雪。他一般地爱着户外活动,并持续成为狂热的肯塔基州野猫队粉丝。 David volunteers through his church and is a leader in the Boy Scouts organization. He is active in the community and supports his wife and her business partner who run a successful gymnastics center in Provo, Utah. He is excited to be a part of such an amazing organization. The technology designed to make a sod farmer’s life better is unmatched in the industry. He loves being able to share that story with so many solid testimonials to back it up. As he states, “Improving lives of sod farmers and their families is the reward”. He adds, “To look at any prospective customer and to be able to tell them that every ProSlab machine sold is operating and productive, is something that only FireFly can boast of.”


安迪辛德里奇|Board Member





威廉布雷默|Board Member


威廉目前是广达服务(quantaservices)的市场情报总监和策略师,广达服务以为电力、石油和天然气以及通信行业提供基础设施解决方案而闻名。在此之前,他曾担任多家公司的顶级股票分析师,包括Maxim Group、Andrecca Asset Management和Moore Capital Management。